Helping You to Achieve Your Personal Language Targets

One of the most important skills a languages teacher must have is understanding that everyone learns differently. Encouraging you to take control of your own learning strategies, I will take the time to understand your personal needs and targets and teach you accordingly. Trust me to guide you towards your goals and help you to discover more about your chosen language.

Factors That Affect Learning

For most of us, the speed  with which we learn a foreign language varies not only because of our needs but because of our learning practices.

Students who dedicate more time to learning will usually learn faster, but it’s also a question of motivation and interest in the culture and country where your chosen language originates. Age may also be a factor, not that there’s anything wrong with getting older – I’m no spring chicken myself!

But most of all, it’s about taking responsibility for your own learning. The more you take control of your own practice, the greater the benefits for your learning process will be.

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