English, Spanish, Italian and French Language Courses and Tutorials

Want to learn a new language? Based in the UK, Lodovico Varchi Tutor offers a wide array of online language lessons and tutorials, including English, Spanish, Italian and French language courses. Focusing on conversational and functional language, I help my students become fluent in some of the most loved and sought-after languages in the world. I also offer one-to-one lessons and corporate training. Contact me today to discuss your needs.

English, Spanish, and Italian language courses

Which Languages Do I Teach


Known as the “lingua franca,” English is the most spoken language in the world, used in business, science, travel, and tourism.


Widely spoken across two continents, Spanish is a very popular language for English and German holidaymakers who are either settling down or using holiday homes in that beautiful and sun-blessed country.


My native language, Italian is especially loved by my students, who are interested in exploring Italy’s unique artistic treasures and breath-taking natural landscapes of the “Bel Paese”, not to mention its superb cuisine and wines.


France is the second favourite destination for Britons after Spain. Imagine ordering your preferred food and wine in their language. Everyone knows how pleased the French are when addressed in their native tongue.

Online Tuition

Backed by more than 14 years of experience as a language tutor, I teach English, Spanish, French, and Italian online. Obviously in the UK, the most sought-after language is English, which can help people advance professionally in various sectors at home and internationally. I also help people learn foreign languages for travel, tourism, and/or settling abroad.

Why Choose Me?

Your success in learning a new language is determined by your commitment to learning, your linguistic goals, and above all, your motivation in not only memorising but understanding that language. In my courses and tutorials, I strive to keep you motivated through extremely interactive lessons, focused on listening and correct pronunciation.

As your guide on this exciting journey, I believe the success of a teacher is reflected in the progressive reduction of their role. I encourage you to take control of the language learning process, which supports and accelerates your understanding. My presence is discreet and encouraging, helping the student to master fluency in their target language.

Efficient and Effective Learning

I provide an array of English, Spanish, Italian and French language courses to suit your needs.