Helping You Achieve Your Personal Language Targets

Every language tutor must understand that every student learns differently. Paying close attention to your personal needs and targets, I encourage you to take control of your learning strategies. With more than 14 years’ experience of teaching languages, I am ideally placed to guide you towards your goals and help you find out more about your chosen language. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Factors That Affect Learning

The speed of learning a foreign language varies between students not only because of our needs but also because of our learning practices. Factors that affect learning include:

  • Time and Practice: Students who dedicate more time to learning will usually learn faster.
  • Knowledge and Interest: It helps if you are motivated or interested in learning about the culture and country where your chosen language originates.
  • Age: It may be difficult for older students to learn a new language, but there’s nothing wrong with getting older – I’m no spring chicken myself!
  • Responsibility for Learning: The more you take control of your own practice, the greater the benefits for your learning process will be.

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As a language tutor, I work closely with students to develop effective learning strategies.